Why Athens

The problem today is that we are getting drowned in information. If we don't take notes, we forget everything. So we take notes, but then we have too many notes! Search doesn't work. Folders don't work. And no one does tagging.

Athens lets you take notes without praying to the search gods, without double-clicking endlessly on folders, and without manual tagging.

Athens does this with [[bidirectional links]] and ((block references)) that let you to take notes on anything from any page. Just [[link]] or ((reference)) another page or block - and voilà! - you can now go to this page and see all the places that linked back to it. The next time you press [[ or ((, you will be indexing through your previous notes, helping you connect the dots. You've starting creating a graph of your knowledge!

Athens Research is a remote learning community building the most powerful and transparent, open-source knowledge base; the result is Athens: a free knowledge graph for research and notetaking. Athens is open-source, private, extensible, and community driven. The software we develop aims to augment research and knowledge management for individuals, teams, and enterprises. It allows users to capture thoughts mid-flow and connect them with bi-directional links to create a visual network of ideas. Your knowledge graph is owned by you and (coming soon) can be extended to collaborators. We believe this powerful tool has the ability to transform the way we research and solve problems, making it a revolutionary tool for learning and problem solving. Because of its capabilities, we are resolute to offer it free to individuals and built to ensure data remains private.

Our Discord community is the space we collaborate and learn in public. It is mission-critical to foster a diverse culture focused on learning from one another. As an open-source project, we share our code: as an open-source community, we provide resources to learn how to code, share how we make decisions, and co-work in public. As an all-remote project, we have conversations openly and Discord makes it easy for new people to jump in with ideas. Join us for our next Community Call.